Flat Futures

Exploring digital paper

Research Project | 2007

Flat Futures has been exhibited at Magical Materials (2012, Science Gallery, Dublin), Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen (2011, MoMA, New York), Action! Design over Time (2010, MoMA, New York), Exploring Innovation at RCA (2009, London Design Festival, London), Demain C’est Aujourd’hui, (2008, International Design Biennial, France), Designing Emotions, (2008, Tokyo Designer’s Week, Tokyo), Design and the Elastic Mind (2008, MoMA, New York), It’s hotel! Design Made (2007, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul), The Great Exhibition, (2007 Royal College of Art, London).

The project was acquired by MoMA's Department of Architecture and Design where is now part of its permanent collection.

Flat Futures Objects

We live in a 'paper' culture. Our everyday life is linked to paper objects, but we have always been led towards a paperless future.

What if we could 'enhance' paper instead of getting rid of it?
What if we could merge the printed world with the digital one?

The Flat Futures project deals with this new smart/digital paper. Through printed electronics we can create processors, displays, batteries on flat and flexible surfaces like paper. Objects will wear technology instead of carrying them inside. It will become their skin.

How will this affect our lives? How will our relationship with these enhanced objects change? If any surface can display anything, where will its value be? In the physical object? Or in the information itself?

What if objects are made of paper? How are we going to interact with them? For instance, the disposable Paper Alarm Clock needs to be scrunched up in order to turn it off. It brings new ways to experience electronic products.

Paper Alarm Clock

Paper Alarm Clock.

Paper Alarm Clock

Paper Alarm Clock. Scrunch it up to switch off.

Digital Book

Digital Book. New ways to feel books.

Memory Envelope

Memory Envelope. It remembers where it's been.'

Food Labels

Where they have been

Digital Book

Digital Book

GPS Document

GPS Document. Card with GPS coordinates where the document is stored i

Alarm Clock

Digital Paper Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Waking up...

Alarm Clock

New ways to interact with electronic products

Smart Tape (Processor)

Smart Tape (Processor)

Enhanced Book

Enhanced book (Processor+Speaker)

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